Council Matters relevant to hyams beach


Following the September Strategy and Assets  Committee meeting (to discuss the report linked below) at which Mark Crowther made a deputation, Council contacted Mark and requested an urgent onsite meeting to discuss possible measures in relation to the Seamans Beach carpark.  All members of the HBVA Executive Committee were invited to attend that meeting.  Sharon Neridal, from Council, prepared a record of that meeting and has requested that it be circulated to HBVA members.  A copy is attached:

Hyams Beach Meeting 16 2019-09 Minutes

All HBVA members have been emailed about reports to the Strategy and Assets Committee relating to Hyams Beach – these can be accessed at

The HBVA President, Mark Crowther, has responded to the reports in a letter to Councillors and will make a deputation to a meeting of the Strategy and Assets Committee on 10 September.  A copy of the letter can be accessed below.

HBVA President Letter to Councillors 9 September 2019

Seamans Beach Carpark – Minutes of meeting between HBVA and Council 20 September 2019

Council Minutes Seamans Carpark 20 September 2019 

Traffic management